Wordle 794

Wordle on August 22, today’s answers and clues (Wordle #794).

I’m completely exhausted as I type this message. Today, I’ve pushed myself to the limit with activities like an OrangeTheory class, hiking with the dogs, and more physical exercises. I attempted to take a nap, but it was only around ten minutes, which definitely wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, my rest was interrupted by the sound of a slamming door.

Well, that’s the price to pay when you’re engaged in various physical activities. You can’t improve your fitness by just sitting around; however, you can keep your mental agility sharp by solving daily word puzzles. Speaking of which, let’s play Wordle!

How to Solve Today’s Wordle The Hint: Frightening, athletic, elegant.

The Clue: The last letter of this Wordle is a vowel.

Wordle Bot Analysis After every Wordle I tackle, I head over to the Wordle Bot homepage to see how my guessing game went.

I’m quite sure I guessed “piece” because I had just read something about the Netflix live-action adaptation of “One Piece,” and the word popped into my head as a reasonable starting word. I got pretty lucky with it, considering that I used a double letter (two E’s), which I usually try to avoid.

In any case, after that, I had only one word left to guess. I had to ponder it for a while, but I finally came up with “spice,” and it turned out to be correct – I got the Wordle! Hooray!

Today’s Score It’s a pity this isn’t a double points Friday! I earned 2 points for guessing in two tries and 1 point for beating Wordle Bot, who took three attempts today. That’s a total of 3 points! Cheers and celebrations!

Today’s Wordle Etymology The term “spice” originates from the Old English word “spice,” which comes from the Latin word “species,” meaning “kind” or “sort.” In Latin, “species” also evolved to refer to “spices” or “fragrant substances.” These spices were highly valued and were used for their flavor, scent, and even medicinal properties. The Latin term “species” initially referred to a specific type of something, and its meaning later expanded to include valuable commodities like spices, which were often traded across long distances. This shift in meaning from “kind” or “sort” to “spices” reflects the historical importance of these aromatic substances in trade, cuisine, and cultural practices.

Over time, the word “spice” continued to be used in English and other languages to describe a wide range of flavorful and aromatic plant-based materials used to enhance the taste and aroma of food. This includes various herbs, seeds, fruits, and other plant parts prized for their distinct flavors and scents.

Compete in a Wordle Challenge Against Me! I’ve been engaged in a fierce PvP Wordle battle with my rival, Wordle Bot. Now, you can challenge me! I can become your adversary – and your helpful Wordle companion, of course. You can also challenge the Bot if you’re a New York Times subscriber.

Here are the rules:

  • 1 point for solving Wordle in 3 attempts.
  • 2 points for solving it in 2 attempts.
  • 3 points for solving it in 1 attempt.
  • 1 point for beating me.
  • 0 points for solving it in 4 attempts.
  • (-1) point for solving it in 5 attempts.
  • (-2) points for solving it in 6 attempts.
  • (-3) points for losing.
  • (-1) point for losing to me. You can keep track of your score if you prefer or just play day by day.

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