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Wordle #791 Tips, Suggestions, and Solution for Saturday, August 19th

Finally, Saturday has arrived, dear Wordlers. It’s time for some fun. After a week of hard work, we can now enjoy ourselves or simply relax.

Summer is in full swing, although recent monsoon rains have provided a refreshing coolness. I’m feeling particularly grateful for this blessing from the skies, especially considering the devastating wildfires in other places. In Hawaii, 111 lives were lost to wildfires, and entire towns are ablaze in Western Canada. Even one of my Call Of Duty squadmates had to evacuate, along with most of his town.

So, I count my blessings and avoid complaining. We’ve experienced severe wildfires in the past, but luckily, we’ve been spared this year so far. Fingers crossed.

Alright, let’s tackle this Wordle challenge.

Wordle Bot Analysis After solving each Wordle, I head over to the Wordle Bot homepage to assess my guessing performance. Today, I did reasonably well, though my luck didn’t hold. I guessed “Tread,” which seemed like a good choice, but I only got one yellow box, leaving me with 227 possible solutions remaining.

“Coils,” a choice praised by Wordle Bot as “wonderful,” reduced the options to 26, but no new yellow or green letters were added. “Gawky” finally got my ‘A’ in the right spot and added a yellow ‘G,’ but I was soon faced with a dilemma. I could only think of two potential answers: “magma” and “manga.” After careful consideration, I followed my instincts. Wordle Bot admitted that it would have chosen the other option in my place. Fortunately, “magma” was correct. Hooray!

Today’s Score A complete, futile tie. 0 points for guessing in four tries; 0 points for matching the Bot. All zeros across the board!

Today’s Wordle Etymology The term “magma” has its roots in Latin. It originates from the Latin word “magma,” meaning “thick, sticky substance” or “paste.” This Latin term, in turn, is derived from the Greek word “mágma” also signifying “thick unguent” or “paste.”

In the realm of geology and earth sciences, “magma” refers to molten rock material beneath the Earth’s surface. It comprises a mixture of liquid rock, suspended mineral particles, and dissolved gases. When magma reaches the Earth’s surface through volcanic activity, it’s commonly referred to as “lava.”

The term “magma” has been used for centuries to describe molten materials involved in volcanic processes and geological formations, and its etymology mirrors the concept of a dense, viscous substance flowing beneath the Earth’s crust.

Compete Against Me in Wordle! I’ve been engaged in a fierce PvP Wordle match against my adversary, Wordle Bot. Now, it’s your turn to challenge me! I can be your rival! (And also offer guidance for Wordle, of course).

Here are the rules:

1 point for solving Wordle in 3 guesses.

2 points for solving it in 2 guesses.

3 points for solving it in 1 guess.

1 point for outperforming me.

0 points for solving it in 4 guesses.

-1 point for solving it in 5 guesses.

-2 points for solving it in 6 guesses.

-3 points for losing.

-1 point for losing to me.


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