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While unveiling her upcoming poetry book, Megan Fox metaphorically expressed the toll of carrying the burden of men’s “sins” by remarking that her ‘body aches’ from their weight.

Megan Fox, renowned for her role in “Jennifer’s Body,” is set to release her debut poetry collection titled “Pretty Boys are Poisonous” in November. The book will be published by Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.

The official synopsis reveals that Fox’s collection offers a blend of wicked humor and poignant darkness, spanning over 80 poems that delve into the theme of molding oneself to the shape of love, even at the cost of losing one’s identity.

Fox shared her motivation behind the poems, stating, “Through these verses, I aimed to cleanse myself of the affliction that grew within me due to my silence. My life has been a vault of men’s secrets, and the weight of their transgressions has taken its toll on my body.”

Continuing her message, she expressed, “Within these pages, my liberation resides, and I aspire to empower others to reclaim their happiness and true selves by using their voices to illuminate the truths concealed but not forgotten in the shadows.”

With previous high-profile relationships, including a marriage to “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Brian Austin Green and an on-and-off romance with singer Machine Gun Kelly, Fox’s poetry collection promises to offer a deeply personal perspective on love, identity, and self-discovery.

In an innovative move, the poetry book will also be available as an audiobook from Simon & Schuster Audio, narrated by Fox herself.

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