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The Wordle Solution for Today – August 24, 2023

For those who might not be familiar, the goal of Wordle is to deduce a daily five-letter word within six attempts. The fewer guesses you need, the better – failing to guess breaks your winning streak. This is why figuring out today’s Wordle answer is crucial; players take pride in maintaining their streak. Why risk a risky final guess when you can get hints and, if necessary, the definite answer? This page can help with that.

Curious about other word games after you’ve got today’s word? We’ve explored the topic of authorship in Cryptic Crosswords and Sudoku, as well as why The NYTimes Mini Crossword is a reliable delight.

Clues for Today’s Wordle Solution

If you don’t want the answer immediately, a few hints might be all you need to succeed:

  • There’s one vowel in today’s word.
  • The word has no repeated letters.
  • Today’s word ends with a ‘Y’.
  • This word can mean describing something with excessive words.
  • Still uncertain? Keep reading for the answer.

The Wordle Solution for Word 796 on August 24, 2023

Even with the above hints, if you’re still unsure and want to maintain your streak:

Today’s Wordle answer is “WORDY.”

After guessing the ‘W’, ‘O’, ‘R’, ‘D’ in the correct positions on the fourth attempt by humorously guessing “Words,” it turns out we weren’t too far from the right answer. On the fifth attempt, we added a ‘Y’ to guess today’s word, “Wordy.” That was a lot of words!

Sharing a Wordle Answer

Now that you have the answer, remember not to spoil it for others! You can share your results without spoilers using a grid.

Of course, nobody needs to know you visited this page to figure it out. Perhaps make a couple of fake guesses first to throw them off the trail?

Want to Learn More About Wordle Before the Next Solution?

Much has happened with Wordle since its rapid introduction in October 2021, attracting millions of players within just a few months.

App stores were flooded with copycat games hoping to capitalize on its popularity. Additionally, one developer who had a similarly named game previously available donated their windfall to charity after players mistook it for the new five-letter guessing game. The modern Wordle’s creator, Dan Wardle, commended this act.


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